I'm trying to set up registration on the website using a Google account.

I created a new project at https://console.developers.google.com. I didn't enable any API. Next, go to "Credentials" ->"+Create credentials" -> "OAuth client ID". Go to the "OAuth access request Window" settings, select " External for all users with a Google account." Go to the form where you specify the name, logo, link, etc.

That's where the problem comes in. no matter what data I specify, even just one name, I always get the same error when I click save button:

The request failed because changes to one of the field of the resource is not supported.

I tried to enable the Gmail and Google+ API, without changes, the error is still the same. Made domain confirmation via DNS, but this also did not help. I tried not to fill in anything other than the name, and get same error. I've obviously done something wrong,but I can't see what it is. Can the problem be in my own google account?

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    Hello, and welcome to stack overflow. Thanks for posting this, but all posts to stack overflow are requested to be in English. See here for details. Please either translate, or delete this and post at Stack Overflow на русском instead. – dbc Jul 8 at 1:00

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