Are classes namespaces in C++? I am asking this because the following code is valid. Could someone explain why?


#include <iostream>

class MainClass{
  enum Bool{False, True};

    std::cout << "MainClass constructor" << True << std::endl;
    std::cout << "MainClass destructor" << std::endl;

int main(){
  MainClass::Bool myvar = MainClass::False << std::endl; //Why is this line valid?
  std::cout << myvar;
  return 0;
  • classes and namespaces are both scopes – Mooing Duck Jul 8 at 1:49

Classes are not namespaces. However the Bool enum is defined in MainClass's scope, so the scope resolution operator :: applies.

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  • so I cant say using namespace MainClass; in order to refrain from having to type it. every time? – Serket Jul 8 at 1:29
  • 2
    No, you cannot. using requires a namespace name. – jkb Jul 8 at 1:37
  • You can use using Bool = ::MainClass::Bool; (I think... I've not tried it, because haven't need to do it.) – Eljay Jul 8 at 1:44

In C++ there is a namespace and there is also a class, a namespace is not a class. Your code is valid because you can nest enums, structs, classes, etc, within classes.

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Are classes namespaces in C++?

No classes are not namespaces.

But classes have a scope, just like namespaces have a scope.

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