Although this question has been posted many times, none of the posted solutions seem to work.

Specifically, it was mentioned that the only way to get the PayPal Transaction ID is by calling GetItemTransactions on a given item, and retrieving Transaction.ExternalTransation.ExternalTransactionID; DetailLevel must be set to RETURN_ALL.

I've tried this, and it keeps returning a null ExternalTransaction. Does anyone know if I'm missing something? Perhaps there's another way of obtaining the PayPal Transaction ID from the Ebay API?

Here's the code:

public static void main(String[] args) throws SdkException {
    ItemTransactions itemTxns = new ItemTransactions();
    GetItemTransactionsCall call = new GetItemTransactionsCall(apiContext);
    GetItemTransactionsRequestType request  = new GetItemTransactionsRequestType();
    request.setDetailLevel(new DetailLevelCodeType[]{DetailLevelCodeType.RETURN_ALL});
    GetItemTransactionsResponseType response = (GetItemTransactionsResponseType) call.execute(request);

    //throws IndexOutOfBoundsException, and is null when examining in debug window

Any help is appreciated, as I'm pretty desperate!


Finally! After all this searching, I found a newer Ebay API - the Sell API, that can return orders in JSON format, and it also includes the PayPal Txn ID.

Truth be told, I've already attempted to access this API more than a year ago, when I needed to update inventory. At the time though, my requests didn't work, and I was told that API only works with listings created thru that same API itself. However, it seems that it now supports older listings as well.

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