I'm cleaning up my Google Firebase console, deleting some projects I created while learning about Firebase console and stuff.

There is a project here that I did NOT create. And, I'm not the owner, either, because I can't delete it.

In the Authentication tab, nothing. No databases defined.

Under project settings, the support email dropdown has a random email address selected, with my address listed second. In the Users & Permissions tab, there are about 8 users listed, none of which are me. Again, I'm not the owner, so I can't disable the users.

Some internet sleuthing brings me to some person associated with some company in Nairobi, Kenya. (Maybe he's a prince!)

Now, I like to think I'm pretty secure, IT-wise. I use Apple's keychain. I have different, randomly generated passwords for every single account I use. The password for this Google account is randomly generated. I have also had 2-factor authentication on longer than I've had a Firebase console. I'm trying to think of other public-facing vectors that this person might have used, but I can't think of others. Maybe you have thoughts on this?

I've sent a support request to Google, but the options under Urgency don't include "Someone has injected a project into my Firebase console."

How can I find out who set this up?

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    As much as people would like to help, the correct avenue for this is Firebase technical support. There is much about your account that readers here do not know about, and that information will be available to Firebase staff. – halfer Jul 9 '20 at 8:40
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    No worries whatsoever (hence the smiley). 👍 – Frank van Puffelen Jul 9 '20 at 21:07

This typically happens when a large group is added as a collaborator to a project, and you're a member of that group. I have dozens of these that were assigned to something like all@google.com.

Since somebody chose to add that group, it's not a security risk for me, although it is annoying. The best I can say is that these projects tend to drift to the bottom of the list over time, but it's not ideal.

It is unlikely that anyone here can do anything about the specific project though, so reach out to Firebase support for personalized help in troubleshooting (like looking at the project to see why it shows up for you).

Update: I just noticed this similar post to the firebase-talk mailing list around the same time, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on that too.

  • Thanks, Frank. So...it's not my project? I'm just a member? But, I'm not even in the list of users......All the other email addresses are variations on the owners email address. I don't understand why he'd add himself multiple times and also l'il ol' me Is there a way to leave the project? – Zonker.in.Geneva Jul 9 '20 at 2:41
  • It is indeed not your project, and you can't get charged for it unless you're the billing owner. The linked thread explains: if you were see if because being part of a group, the only way to get rid of the project is to leave the group. If you can't find a group, support may be able to figure out how you are in it. – Frank van Puffelen Jul 12 '20 at 1:41

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