I want to execute the sample code on the above page in android studio, but I don't know how to execute it.


For the time being, I downloaded and unzipped the zip file on the above page, how can I open this project in android studio?


First, you need to Clone the project to your android studio: See image below: First Step

Second, open your Android Studio and on the welcome page choose "Check out project from Version Control" and then choose "Git". See image below: Second Step

Next, paste the link and choose where you want to save it. And then click "Clone" See image below: Next Step

NOTE: If a pop-up said "Checkout from version control" appears, you can choose yes/no.

And then, remember to click on "Get Dependencies" See image below: Get Dependencies

NOTE: If the option doesn't appear, run flutter pub get in your terminal

  • Thank you for your response. As a result of working according to the answer I received, the run button (Run'main.dart') of android studio is gray and cannot be pressed. On top 'Dart SDK is not configured' Is displayed. What should I do? – 森口万太郎 Jul 10 '20 at 0:24
  • It worked when I tried it again. Thank you for the easy-to-understand explanation. – 森口万太郎 Jul 14 '20 at 2:24

check this

But sometime importing a new project may lead to unforeseen and unwanted errors('ve faced this many times) like : this file or that file is missing . So I recommend creating a new flutter project and manually copying dart files to /lib folder , AndroidManifest and both gradle files to appropriate places etc. Also update the pubspec.yaml to add dependencies . There are other things which you might to add or update but I like this way because it helps you to understand how a project is made , though it's upon you how you do it . Good luck.

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