I'm using XAMPP with PHP 7.3 with Phalcon 3.4 extension in Windows 10. I've been having issues on getting code suggestion, or even errors because VS Code can't seem to find Phalcon files.

I've been seeing PhpStorm tutorials and then just including Phalcon Dev Tool in the include path.

Extra Notes: I am using Inteliphense, but I'm willing to use Intelisense from Felix Becker

Do VS Code have this? How do I fix this issue?


If you use PHP IntelliSense from Felix Becker - you need to add all the Phalcon Stubs to language server stubs cache inside felixbecker/intellisense plugin. Or, you can use your own language server, but it not easy way to have autocompletion into VSCode...


You can also install the following package or VSCode :
composer require phalcon/ide-stubs --dev

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