I have a spring application that uses several services such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and a Bing's location web service. They all work fine and I have some unit and integration tests to make sure they are working correcly.

I was asked yesterday to create keepalive pages for each service that will tell if the service is available or not so my systems administrator can call these pages from nginx.

I know I can create a new controller with methods to verify each service but is that the best way to do this? I think he will want to run these checks very often. If anyone has any suggestions or links for more information I'd appreciate it.


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I would go a different route for this, You can Create a spring service like this

public class MonitorService 
    public void checkServices()
     //if(problem) send an e-mail notification, 
         //you can configure spring MailSender to do that

Now you create a spring task scheduler to run this monitor at a fixed interval

  <task:scheduled ref="monitorService" method="checkServices" fixed-delay="1000"/>

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