I have a problem here and have been stuck for weeks. I want to control another program remotely. The whole thing works great except for one thing. I can push buttons and write text in fields. I have a problem with a ListBox, I want to send a shift cursor down to mark more than one record here. I've tried everything possible here but it just doesn't work. I have already selected the LPARAM and the WPaman using MS Spy ++. I press Shift and curso down and log it using Spy ++. When I do all of this from my program, only one cursor down arrives there. I use this code.

PostMessage (wndChild, WM_Keydown, VK_Shift, $ 002A0001);
PostMessage (wndChild, WM_Keydown, VK_DOWN, $ 01500001);
PostMessage (wndChild, WM_Keyup, VK_DOWN, $ C1500001);
PostMessage (wndChild, WM_Keyup, VK_SHIFT, $ C02A0001);

I already thought it was because of the program. For this reason, I quickly created a program in Delphi that only has a ListBox. It doesn't work there either. Has anyone done this before and can tell me how it can make it work. Thank you once.


Don't use PostMessage to simulate keyboard input. Use the SendInput call instead.

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    SendInput has very limited applicability. Outside of virtual keyboard implementations there's virtually no use for this API. The OP is trying to automate another application. The solution to that problem is UI Automation. – IInspectable Jul 10 at 7:59

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