I want to know how to How to detect right side tab closing in JavaScript. I tried

var url = "http://gestyy.com/eqbY6K";
var new_window = null;
function openWindow(url) {
   new_window = window.open(url);

  new_window.onbeforeunload = function(){
  window.onmessage = function(event){


I want to do that ,Open a shorter url in new tab when its complete I will close the tab and the main page where the new tab generate get a value is the tab closed or not and I sent the value to ajax for change the status.

Thanks in Advance to all.

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  • You can't detect the position of a tab. User can drag tabs to any position, or even move a tab to a new window. – Teemu Jul 10 at 8:50

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