I cloned the AOSP (pie) and made it successfully. Everything was fine on emulators. But I got problems when trying to release it on Samsung j5. I have followed two approaches. First, I tried to run it directly, but after several searches, I found that the fastboot mode isn't available for Samsung devices (Actually for devices that use snapdragon families). So I decided to create an OTA release through this command and install it by using TWRP :

make dist DIST_DIR=dist_output

But again, I fell into trouble when trying to generate OTA.

ERROR: --- target build has specified no recovery ---

I found recovery.img not generated. I thought it must be related to my lunch configs, so I tried with some different lunch mode :

lunch aosp_blueline-userdebug
lunch aosp_arm64-userdebug
lunch aosp_arm64-eng

But the result didn't any changes. So I found that I must find a Samsung related lunch devices, but until now I didn't find anything useful.

So the main problem I have is how to release AOSP on a Samsung device?


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