I am trying to redirect a Jhipster customized APP when an URL part is wrong and the URL has no hash. The basic URL is the following http://localhost:port/# and I am trying to remove the hash.

With a hash I parse all the errors correctly. For example, when I execute http://localhost:port/view and the view does not exist it redirects to a customized web.

Now I want to remove the hash. So I to the following:

  • remove in all the parts of the code the tag useHash: true and change it to useHash: false. I do it in the following files: app-routing.module.ts

When I remove the hash and when I access to a wrong direction I do not obtain the customized error message. Any idea?

  • useHash: true is not enough, you need also a change on server-side. It has already been answered on SO a while ago before JHipster was modified to do it. – Gaël Marziou Jul 10 at 13:16

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