Suddenly Android studio displaying different characters for some symbols and Gibberish name in autocomplete. Is happening in both kotlin only and java only projects. when I select the autocompletion option it selected properly I mean it shows the correct method name in the editor, when I copy the symbol and paste it elsewhere it pastes as a normal character, also the app is successfully building and executing and the source code in notepad looks fine. How to fix it?

[Gibberish Characters in AutoCompletion [Symblos replacement

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    I recently saw something like that in this post. It seems they fixed it by changing the font. – Mike M. Jul 11 at 10:49
  • @MikeM. tried changing different fonts many times already. did not solve. – Deepesh Tiwari Jul 11 at 11:01
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    Sorry, that's all I got. I've never seen that outside of these two questions. – Mike M. Jul 11 at 11:06
  • Does that happens with other projects? – Padia 3d Jul 11 at 11:11
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    @Padia yes , in all projects – Deepesh Tiwari Jul 11 at 11:12

Answering my own questions after invalidating the cache and restarting many times, changing android studio font, editor font numerous times. finally, I was able to solve this problem you just need to change the color scheme font.

Thanx @MikeM. for referring the similar post.

enter image description here

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