Was going through MDN's tutorials and wanted expand on a part which is where I ran into this issue. When I ran the code below:

    let examScore = 45;
    let examHighestScore = 70;
    examReport = `You scored ${ examScore }/${ examHighestScore } (${ Math.round((examScore/examHighestScore*100)) }%). ${ examScore >= 49 ? 'Well done, you passed!' : 'Bad luck, you didn\'t pass this time.' }`;

it returns "You scored 45/70 (64%). Bad luck, you didn't pass this time." When I set a new value to examScore, the return doesn't reflect the new value. I set a new value for examScore then ran examReport again like below.

    examScore = 60;

I was expecting:

"You scored 60/70 (86%). Well done, you passed!"

What I got was:

"You scored 45/70 (64%). Bad luck, you didn't pass this time."

I even checked examScore and it returns 60. Not sure if its a developer console or js issue. Any guidance would be appreciated!

  • You are not reassigning examReport
    – xMayank
    Jul 11, 2020 at 19:01

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examReport has been already evaluated in previous line.

You need to set it again as new template string and it will work.

  • @CheckeredBurrito, I don't know if in closed question this can be done, but if possible, please accept my answer (the green tick). Thank you :)
    – Apostolos
    Jul 11, 2020 at 19:07

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