I have the NYC Flights data in which one of the dimensions (see last column) is the destination

NYC Flights Data Snapshot

I've got another dataframe where I've got the distinct destinations

Distinct Destinations Data Snapshot

Now I want to add a 2nd column in this dataset which should be the count of flights for that destination as per earlier dataset. Think of countifand lookup equivalent of MS-Excel in R


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If the first dataframe is called df1 and the second one is df2, you can use :

df1 %>% count(dest) %>% right_join(df2, by = 'dest')

This will return NA's for dest present in df2 which are not in df1. If you want to replace them with 0, you can do :

df1 %>% 
  count(dest) %>% 
  right_join(df2, by = 'dest') %>%
  mutate(n = replace(n, is.na(n), 0))

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