This is weird. I have an Electron app. The stylus works for a few clicks, then stops responding.

But only when run compiled. When run from a command window, "electron main.js", it all works. The stylus works.

If I refresh the page with the mouse, it again takes one or two clicks- then stops.

I'm adding these command line switches in my main.js:

const app = electron.app;
app.commandLine.appendSwitch('touch-events', 'enabled');
app.commandLine.appendSwitch('pointer-events', 'enabled');

Has anyone been using Electron successfully with Wacom tablets/Cintiq's?

Why would the built version run differently?

Edit: I've discovered that the pointer events stop working on certain button clicks- and then, clicking on the desktop outside the Electron window- restores the pointer events. Temporarily. So it's some kind of focus thing. It's as if clicking on certain types of buttons inside a browser blocks pointer events, and clicking outside, setting focus elsewhere, lets them function again.

Edit 2: Discovered that the main Electron menu won't respond to stylus events. Responds to mouse events, but on clicking the stylus, the dropdown seems to appear and close almost instantly- just a flicker. Quite apart from what's in the browser window. Which sort of implies something basic is really not working properly.

Edit 3: Okay, I'm going to leave this up in case it helps someone.

Because the main Electron menu wasn't working, I set about rebuilding my app step by step on a clean machine, starting from the ground up. Pen functionality on the app menus worked in a barebones, framework app; so I added my dependencies one by one, checking after each one to see if pen was still working. The rebuilt app works.

This would imply that there was some corruption of any of Electron, Node, or one of the dependencies that was killing the pen events.

Rebuilding all on a clean install fixed it.

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