I have this situation where I am using Amazon SNS + SQS in order to handle domain events.

Basically on domain event I publish a message to SNS and two SQS queues are subscribed to SNS. Since i noticed SQS supports FIFO, but SNS doesn't support FIFO, I am trying to find a resolution on how to simultaneously deliver message A to multiple SQS FIFO queues?

What I had so far

  • Publish Message A to SNS
  • Distribute Message A to SQS 1 and SQS 2

All I can think of now is

  • Publish message A to SQS A
  • Use code to pull message A from SQS and publish it to SQS 1 and SQS 2

Not really an atomic process I was looking for...

Is there an alternative to this approach?

  • What exactly are you wanting to accomplish? Is something not working for you? Amazon SNS sends messages immediately, but messages might be delayed if they require re-sends. Is there a problem with your current configuration that isn't meeting your requirements? – John Rotenstein Jul 13 '20 at 11:26
  • Short version is AWS doesnt allow SQS (FIFO) to subscribe to SNS – mko Jul 13 '20 at 13:08
  • Ah! I get it now. Is there a specific reason why you are using FIFO queues? Amazon SQS queues are FIFO-ish, but it is not guaranteed. Does your use-case specifically require FIFO to be enforced? – John Rotenstein Jul 13 '20 at 23:40
  • Unfortunately yes, because i need to recreate domain in other systems. In order to recreate it i need to use fifo. Or there is another way to pull messages from sns based on message group (for example doman id). I know meesage groups exist in sqs fifo, but not in sns – mko Jul 14 '20 at 5:43
  • SNS now supports FIFO aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/… – Ala' Alkhaldi Oct 23 '20 at 21:36

Today, we launched Amazon SNS FIFO topics, which can fan out messages to multiple Amazon SQS FIFO queues!



You can think about using the AWS Kinesis Data stream. One feature of it is an ordering.

From faq: https://aws.amazon.com/kinesis/data-streams/faqs/

When should I use Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, and when should I use Amazon SQS?

Ordering of records. For example, you want to transfer log data from the application host to the processing/archival host while maintaining the order of log statements.

You can process events from Kinesis to SQSs.


If your goal is to have a message be pushed to two Amazon SQS FIFO queues, I'd recommend:

  • Have Amazon SNS trigger an AWS Lambda function
  • The Lambda function can send the same message to both Amazon SQS queues

It is effectively doing the fan-out via Lambda rather than SNS.

The Lambda function might also be able to extract a Message Group ID that it can provide with the SQS message, which will enable parallel processing of messages while maintaining FIFO within the message group. For example, all messages coming from a particular source will be FIFO, but can be processed in parallel with messages from other sources. It's a very powerful capability that would not be available just by having Amazon SNS forward the message.

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