I am having an HTML site https://example.com. I have a page named example.html. I want to make my page URL https://example.com/exam/example.html. Where exam is another page.

How to do this in HTML website?

I am using:

<a href="example.html"></a>

but this is not like what i want. How to do this?


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I'm pretty sure you'd have to create a directory called exam and have a file called example.html in that directory in the place that serves the domain example.com. :-)

  • If you create this folder/directory mentioned above, you will also need to update your HTML a tag to include the new exam directory like so: <a href="exam/example.html"></a> Jul 13, 2020 at 15:03

This can't be done as HTML + CSS are both for client side, if you would have made a server then from server side you could have changed this using route.

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