I am new to Python and do not understand when square brackets need to be included around a return variable. For example, I have often seen the below format used, where [seed] has the square brackets.

def seed(self, seed=None):
    self.np_random, seed = seeding.np_random(seed)
    return [seed]

The given code will return a list. If you are not returning an list and simply how the seed variable is, you would have simply written - return seed. In your example, you seem to be returning a seed wrapped as a list from the function. So you have to use return [seed].


  • return seed - Returns seed from the function as it is

  • return [seed] - Returns seed from the function by wrapping it in a list. So the value seed will become an element of the newly formed list.


You should use square brackets only when you want to return a list.

return seed returns the seed, return [seed] returns a list with seed as the only element.


If you want to return a single value, you can use return seed

Or if you want multiple values to be returned, you can use return [seed]

Note: Basically, [] refers to a list of items. you can pass multiple items separated by commas in the list like [1, 7, 6, 'seed']. This will help you to return multiple values at once.

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