I am using Axios to get the JSON response from the web server. The response is in compressed gzip format. How can I decompress the response and get the Json Data.


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axios has a decompress option. No need to decompress it manually:

const { data } = await axios.get(url, { responseType: 'arraybuffer', 'decompress': true })

Also, your server should never sent compressed content if your Accept-Encoding header does not contain gzip (or any other compression format).

  • Axios sends an accept-encoding header of 'gzip, deflate, br' by default because browsers normally decompress the response but that creates problems with node where that's not the case.
    – Xetera
    Dec 5, 2022 at 1:51
const zlib = require('zlib')

let url = "https://example.com/GZ_FILE.gz"

const { data } = await axios.get(url, { responseType: 'arraybuffer' })

zlib.gunzip(data, function (_err, output) {

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