I'm building an online judge system in Django like the one we used to have in Kickstart earlier.

They gave you a text file, input.txt and then you got an output after you ran that in the form of an output.txt file.

I'm aware of how this is done in Python but I'm not sure how to implement it in a Django application.

My partial understanding :

The user submits the output.txt file to the form and then we need to implement the Python function in the views.py using the form_class parameter. ( since I'm using CBVs ).

But the point is that I'm not able to figure out how would the FormView ( or the UpdateView ) class-based view apply that function to the uploaded file.

Tl;dr: How do I implement a Python function in Django that compares two text files and return if they are the same?

P.S I'm not including a compiler to the online judge since I'm in the early stages of this app and it might be an overhead expense.


  • In method form_valid, you write a file, compare it, and generate a response. – Pramote Kuacharoen Jul 13 at 22:10

Basically you need to create a form for the two text files which uploads them (look at this project for more information: https://github.com/axelpale/minimal-django-file-upload-example). This creates a post request with your files. Then, in your view, you can get the files by accessing the post request data (request.FILES['file1']). You can then run a python function on these files. This function should be your comparison function.

See this post for help with a python comparison function: Compare two different files line by line in python .

Here is a sample function for what I am talking about:

def compare(f1, f2):
    is_same = True
    for line1, line2 in zip(f1, f2):
        if line1 != line2:
            is_same = False
    return is_same

files = request.FILES.getlist('a_bunch_of_posted_files') #get posted your files

same_files = True
for i in range (0,50):
    if i < 49:
        if not compare(files[i],files[i+1]:
            same_files = False
    #then the files are all the same and you can just pick one to display 
    #or do whatever with
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  • but how would i compare over 50 files? What I mean to say is, even if I compare a single file using this method, I'd need to repeat this for over 50 files. This works for a single file but as one increases the number of files to be compared, the number of methods would need to be increased too unless you have a better suggestion. – Arth Tyagi Jul 13 at 22:59
  • No, just add a loop or a recursive method which works through the comparisons of the files. Similarly, loop the file upload forms and post requests – figbar Jul 13 at 23:05
  • that won't work since the names of the file I'm comparing the uploaded files to are different. A recursive loop won't help with different file names. Is there an implementation that you can show me to back your statement? – Arth Tyagi Jul 13 at 23:33
  • yes it will, it doesn't matter what the filenames are. give me a second to write one – figbar Jul 13 at 23:49
  • There, that function shows you what I am talking about, its not very efficient, but you can just write a comparison function and then just run it across all of the files, and do whatever you want with the file once you have determined whether they are all equal or not – figbar Jul 13 at 23:59

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