I want to secure my secret variables for my django project, which is deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

I've seen others use environment variables and am wondering if this is secure. Or, is it more secure to use KMS? Thanks!


Usually if you have secrets you would store them in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store or AWS Secrets Manager.

Then, instead of hard-coding the secrets' values in your .ebextensions or environment variables you would pass references to the parameter or secret in either AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store or AWS Secrets Manager.

This means that in your application, e.g. .ebextensions, in you would need to add extra logic to obtained the actual values from the secrets as well as you would have to modify instance role used by EB with permissions to do so.

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  • Will give this a shot. Thanks! What is KMS for then? – NGI Jul 14 at 1:35
  • @NGI No problem. You can use KMS to encrypt the secrets in parameter store SecureString or in manger. They can be encrypted using using default KMS keys. But you can also create your own in KMS and use that if you prefer to have more control over the keys. By the way. if my answer was helpful, its acceptance would be appreciated. – Marcin Jul 14 at 1:42

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