i have arrived at the following result set in postgres and is a bit stuck. the values came from an uploaded excel file so what i have here is a column of comma delimited values with the first row as the headers and all following as values

|   values     |

my question is how can i arrive to my desired output described below

| col1 | col2 | col3 |
| val1 | val2 | val3 |
| cal1 | val2 | val3 |

Thanks in advance!


A simple method is split_part():

select split_part(col, ',', 1) as col1,
       split_part(col, ',', 2) as col2,
       split_part(col, ',', 3) as col3
from t;

However, this does not allow you to reassign the column names. That is going to be quite tricky. I would recommend that you just hard-code the values and remove the row that looks like it has the column names.

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This is just a basic draft on the how part.


Hope it helps you out.

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