In User model I define relation :

\App\User::where('id' ,1)->toSql();

it return select * from users where id = ? how can I get full query including params?

Also I define relation with post model:

public function posts(){
    return $this->hasMany(\App\Posts::class);

How to view full relational query with params?


There are two ways to go about it: the Laravel way, and the MySQL way.

The Laravel way is to use the DB::getQueryLog();

\App\User::where('id' ,1)->get();
$queries = \DB::getQueryLog();
Log::info(end($queries)); // OR

The MySQL way involves the general log.

mysql> show variables like 'general_log%';
| Variable_name    | Value                        |
| general_log      | OFF                          |
| general_log_file | /var/lib/mysql/homestead.log |

Check your variables for the location of the log. Before the query, run SET GLOBAL general_log = 1, and make sure to set it back to 0 after the query is done. Then open up that log file, and you'll see both the Prepare and Execute lines.

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