How do I skip a Jenkins stage partway through its execution? It would be like using when after some steps or in the middle of a step, once the skip condition has been determined. I'm aware that I could break stages/steps down further and use a global variable to achieve this, but there seems like there should be a simpler way.

The step should appear skipped, not failed or unstable.

stage('Builds') {
    failFast true
    parallel {
        stage('FlagA') {
            steps {
        stage('FlagB') {
            steps {

void BuildWithFlag(String flag) {
    skipCondition = false
    if(skipCondition) {
        currentStage.result = '' // Doesn't work

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All of these use when at the start of the stage. I need to mimic it partway through a step.

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You want to set the stage to "NOT_BUILT". This is the status given to steps that are skipped using when.


if(skipCondition) {
    catchError(buildResult: 'SUCCESS', stageResult: 'NOT_BUILT') {
        error "Skipping..." // Force an error that we will catch to set the stageResult
  • "return" actually returns control from the "step" being executed. It doesn't exit the stage.
    – Arnab
    Mar 9, 2022 at 14:44

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