I'm worried about how can I use redux in gatsby. I already installed redux:

yarn add redux react-redux

This is not working for me, I don't know how to do it. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!


Gatsby is all about plugins, it seems to me you didn't installed gatsby redux plugin yet, first install the gatsby plugin:

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-react-redux react-redux redux

// Yarn
yarn add gatsby-plugin-react-redux react-redux redux

How to use

create a file createStore.ts in src/state/ like ./src/state/createStore.ts. your reducer and actions go here.

  import { createStore } from 'redux';
    function reducer() {
    // preloadedState will be passed in by the plugin
    export default preloadedState => {
      return createStore(reducer, preloadedState);

Add the code to ./gatsby-config.js.

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
          resolve: `gatsby-plugin-react-redux`,
          options: {
            // [required] - path to your createStore module
            pathToCreateStoreModule: './src/state/createStore',
            // [optional] - options passed to `serialize-javascript`
            // info: https://github.com/yahoo/serialize-javascript#options
            // will be merged with these defaults:
            serialize: {
              space: 0,
              isJSON: true,
              unsafe: false,
            // [optional] - if true will clean up after itself on the client, default:
            cleanupOnClient: true,
            // [optional] - name of key on `window` where serialized state will be stored, default:
            windowKey: '__PRELOADED_STATE__',
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Try to import the wrapRootElement in your gats-by-ssr.config file and gastby-browser.js file, so it can wrap you redux store in react root element:

export { default as wrapRootElement } from './src/state/ReduxWrapper';
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Install the gastby plugin in order to use redux in gastby

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-react-redux react-redux redux

and configure the gatsby-config.js

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This guy explained very clear about Redux and Gatsby, he also provided repo link if you get stuck any where you can also look into source code,

just clone the repo and get started:

gatsby new gatsby-redux-test && cd gatsby-redux-test

you'll find some helpful code there!

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