i have problem. I generated project by JHipster -> angular + html, and there i have pagination with AngularJS value -> ITEMS_PER_PAGE, i can change this value manualy in pagination.config, but it's not the point of this project. I need to make selection options to display number of pages -> 10,25,50,100.

<select id="pageSizeSelect" onchange="self.location.href='/request?pageSize='+this.value">
   <option value="10"> 10 </option>

how can i change this ITEMS_PER_PAGE ? By Angular ? or Java backend ?

  • can you post the part of your JS where the cons is set? – casenonsensitive Jul 15 at 10:10

its just EXPORT const ITEMS_PER_PAGE = 10; than in other .ts files its just imported :)

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