In order to programmatically redirect a user from one application to Outlook Web App (OWA) by bypassing the login screen of the OWA in a local environment (Exchange Server), the following code is used:

     function DirectLogin(vstrServer, vstrDomain, vstrUsername, vstrPassword) {
         var url = "https://" + server + "/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll";
         var strUrl = vstrServer + "/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll";
         var strExchange = {
             destination: vstrServer +
                 '/exchange', flags: '0', forcedownlevel: '0',
             trusted: '0', isutf8: '1', username: vstrDomain +
                 '\\' + vstrUsername, password: vstrPassword

         var myForm = document.createElement("form");
         myForm.method = "post";
         myForm.action = strUrl;

         for (var varElement in strExchange) {

             var myInput = document.createElement("input");
             myInput.setAttribute("name", varElement);
             myInput.setAttribute("value", strExchange[varElement]);

It means that if you send username and password information to the dll making the authentication (in this case owaauth.dll), you can bypass the login form, and that's how the user is redirected directly to his mailbox in OWA.

But, in the Office 365 environment the case is different (Exchange Online).

The direct link to OWA in Office 365 is: https://outlook.com/owa/yourdomainname

But here, you are NOT facing the login screen of the OWA, but of Office 365 instead!

If you enter your credentials your are redirected to your mailbox in OWA, but how to bypass the Office 365 login form programmatically? What is the URL of the dll making the authentication?

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