I have been trying to listen the player object when the song is finished to change some components in my app.

play(track, autoPlay=true) {
  SC.stream(`/tracks/${track.id}`).then(player => {
    this.player = player
    player.play().then(() => {
      const playIcon = document.createElement('i')
      playIcon.classList.add('play', 'icon', 'player-icon')
      this.player.on('start', () => {
        // This should work but it doesn't
      console.log('Playback started.');
    }).catch(e => {
      console.error('Playback rejected. Try calling play() from a user interaction.', e);

I have looked SoundCloud API but there is no information about it. I tried the EventEmitter methods but since I don't know name of events I am stuck now.

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