I have users in my joomla site. I have set of menu and they are as follows:

Public: Home|AboutUs|Testimonials|Contact Us (4 Menus)

Registered: Home|AboutUs|ProjectAssigned|List of Projects|Testimonials|Contact Us(6 Menus)

So if user1 login - he will get access to the above six menus(Registered)

Now is it possible to have another two menus(6+2) for user2 so that user1 wont have access to all the eight menu??

In other words, registered users after login - will have access to different menus.

User 1 -> Home|AboutUs|ProjectAssigned|List of Projects|Testimonials|Contact Us

User 2 -> Home|AboutUs|ProjectAssigned|List of Projects|Project1|Project2|Testimonials|Contact Us

User 3 -> Home|AboutUs|ProjectAssigned|List of Projects|Project3|Contact Us

Any open-source component available or is it available by default. I am using Joomla Version 1.5.22.

Thanks in advance.


This extensions may useful to you;




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