Long irrelevant backstory; I am re-doing some reports for work. I created a pivot table and added this calculated field to calculate margin %: Formula: = (cost*'Qty Sold')/'Actual Sale'

When the field is added to the table it calculates the most junior child rows correctly but it doesn't calculate the parent rows correctly. Please refer to image, too much data. sorry.

My field are set up in this fashion:

  • Filters: (none)
  • Columns: Values
  • Rows: DCS, Vendor, Style, Color
  • Values: Qty.Sold, .AOH, Actual.Sale, Sum of Margin %

Visual reference: Visual of above info.

I think the error is in the "Sum of Margin %" but it won't let me put it in any other field, and it won't let me remove the "sum" calculations. What am I missing?

Thanks for the help.

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