I receive permission denied when I tryed to access the webCam on port 8080. I mention accessing the webCam is working on port 9000 and the project was generated with jhipster (java + angular). This is my code to access the camera.

startCamera(): void {
    if (navigator.mediaDevices && navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia) {
    } else {
      alert('Sorry, camera not available.');

By default, microphone and camera access are disabled. You can modify the CSP settings in SecurityConfiguration.java to enable them.

In the call to the featurePolicy method, make the below change which will enable microphone/camera access in the page, and in all nested browsing contexts (iframes) in the same origin.

- microphone 'none'; camera 'none';
+ microphone 'self'; camera 'self';

You can see the other CSP Feature Policy options in the Feature Policy docs

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