How can I see a list of all the child repos that have been created from my template repo on GitHub?

GitHub displays how many forks were created from a given repo at the top of the WUI, next to the "stars" and "watches." And you can display a list of links to those users' forks under the "analytics" tab.

How can I get a similar list of all the repos that were created from my template repo on GitHub?

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    I wish there was an answer for this one, I Googled this question and found this thread in GitHub Community. Haven't seen any feedback on this thread, maybe you should vote up this thread, so it will get more attention – Meir Gabay Sep 15 at 20:41

Eureka! After reading this - Search based on the contents of a repository, the answer was clear! Search by README.md file content!

Use GitHub's search engine and provide a unique combination of words that appear in your README.md file. This is how I do it for my template - unfor19/terraform-multienv

in:readme sort:updated -user:unfor19 "tfmultienv"

To get meaningful search results

  • Sorting with sort:updated
  • Filtering out my user name -user:USERNAME with -QUALIFIER.

Instead of hardcoding USERNAME you can use the keyword @me.

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    Of course this generally won't work, as nothing prevents users from nuking the template's README.md and adding their own content; and people usually do. – Sridhar Ratnakumar Oct 11 at 0:56
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    That's the best alternative I could find. Do you have a better alternative? – Meir Gabay Oct 11 at 7:37

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