A useful feature from Crashlytics by Firebase is to set a userID for a session, to later look up that particular user's crash events.

It doesn't seem to be working in my Android app however. I am debugging with my device. Here is the DebugView of my device:

enter image description here

Where the user_id is properly set via setUserID on the Firebase Analytics object.

I then triggered a crash. But...

enter image description here

It can't find my userID? (I can find the crash I triggered though.)

I don't even know what else to try, according to DebugView the userID was properly set?

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    same issue in flutter please help here is code:- await FirebaseCrashlytics.instance .setUserIdentifier("Device ID:-${deviceId!}"); Commented Sep 2, 2021 at 12:57

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Well, it was as simple as:

FirebaseAnalytics.getInstance(this).setUserId(uuid); // wrong
Crashlytics.setUserIdentifier(uuid);                // correct

Was overlooking "FirebaseCrashlytics" vs "FirebaseAnalytics" https://firebase.google.com/docs/crashlytics/customize-crash-reports?platform=android

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    It is not like the 1st one is wrong. You may need both, right?
    – JCarlosR
    Commented Mar 16, 2021 at 15:25
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    FirebaseCrashlytics has been updated to Crashlytics.crashlytics().setUserID(uuid)
    – Nathaniel
    Commented Apr 21, 2022 at 19:50
  • @JCarlosR , you actually don't need both. The first is to log Analytics data for Firebase Events/Google Analytics. The second one is to log crash (Crashlytics) events. Commented Feb 6 at 0:12

You have to setup user id in screen which will open everytime when user opens an app like dashboard screen.


After getting first crash on installed application, you can search with the user id in Firebase Crashlytics


Add FirebaseCrashlytics.getInstance().setUserId(uuid); in all screens (activities). If you add only in login screen then userid will not share to crashlytics, when app is crashed after reopening. Since we will ask user to login only once.


In Sep 2021 using -

  • com.google.firebase:firebase-bom - version 28.4.0
  • com.google.firebase:firebase-analytics-ktx - version 19.0.1
  • com.google.firebase:firebase-crashlytics-ktx - version 18.2.1

I resolved this with : FirebaseCrashlytics.getInstance().setUserId();

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