I have a class called SQLHelper.swift where I have all the methods for fetching records from database, adding records to database and so on.

Then I have another class called Constants.swift where I have some alert messages defined and my API endpoints.

And I call my API’s like so from my viewcontroller…

APIHelper(API: WebServices.getAllData as NSString, json: bodyStr as NSString, methodType: Constants.Get_Method as NSString).PostApiResultSet2(callback: {( errMsg: String,arr11: AnyObject?) -> Void in.....

The WebServices.getAllSchedSmats shown above is from the Constants.swift class that I just mentioned.

There is another class called APIHelper.swift where I have PostApiResultSet2 function which calls the API and returns the response to my view controller

And from my view controller, I access the function from the SQLHelper.swift class whenever I want to perform any db related operations and when I want to make an API call, I access the APIHelper.swift class.

My doubt is I’m not sure which is the architecture I’m using here...

  • What is it precisely you want to know "My doubt is I’m not sure which is the architecture I’m using here..." – claude31 Jul 17 '20 at 10:37
  • I meant that with the said ways of making API calls or accessing db, which architectural pattern did I end up using i.e. if its MVC, MVVM etc..? – user987654 Jul 17 '20 at 11:17
  • It is not a pure MVC model. Looks more like MVVM, but a schematics would help clarify if it is a clean MVVM architecture. But the question is a bit theoretical. Question is more: is your design clean enough or a bit over complex ? In addition, I understand that Constants is more than just constants, looks like your Web services API class, isn't it ? – claude31 Jul 17 '20 at 11:25
  • Yes @claude31...my Constants.swift class consists both the API endpoints and some other constants... – user987654 Jul 17 '20 at 11:36
  • So is it MVVM..? – user987654 Jul 17 '20 at 11:36

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