I am trying to find a target pattern or cache config to differentiate between tasks with the same name in a flow.

enter image description here

As highlighted from the diagram above only one of the tasks gets cached and the other get overwritten. I tried using task-slug but to no avail.


Thanks in advance

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It looks like you are attempting to format the task name instead of the target. (task names are not template-able strings).

The following snippet is probably what you want:

@task(name="process_resource", log_stdout=True, target="{task_name}-{task_slug}")
  • @Josh-The target is a template with task_full_name ... so I thought I could pass the name (slug) and the target would pick up the new name.
    – Itay Livni
    Jul 17, 2020 at 21:14

After further research it looks like the documentation directly addresses changing task configuration on the fly - Without breaking target location templates.

def number_task():
    return 42

with Flow("example-v3") as f:
    result = number_task(task_args={"name": "new-name"})

print(f.tasks) # {<Task: new-name>}

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