//fake code;there shoud be type annotations
function makeObject(key,value){ 
   return {[key]:value}; 
const obj=makeObject("name","Tom");

what do I want

I want the typescript compiler to infer obj has type {"name":string}, but I have no idea what the signature of "makeObject" should be.

what I have tried

I have figure out how to make tsc recognize "name as a string literal type.

function makeKey<Key extends keyof {[k:string]:any}>(key:Key):Key{
    return key;
const key=makeKey("name")//tsc infer "key" has type "name" not string

my question

is this possible with current typescirpt(3.9+)? if it is then how? Thanks in advance!

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You make the function generic in the key type K and the value type V, where K is constrained to PropertyKey (which is basically string or number or symbol).

The only snag is that the compiler will view { [key]: value } as being a type with an index signature, due to microsoft/TypeScript#13948. That's presumably not what you want... you're not trying to put values of type V at every possible key, just the one of type K.

We can work around that by asserting that it is of the mapped type {[P in K]: V}, equivalent to Record<K, V>, meaning "an object with keys of type K and values of type V":

function makeObject<K extends PropertyKey, V>(key: K, value: V) {
   return { [key]: value } as { [P in K]: V };
const obj = makeObject("name", "Tom"); // {name: string}

Looks like what you want. Hope that helps; good luck!

Playground link to code

  • That's exactly what i want. I didn't know there is a builtin "PropertyKey" , thanks a lot. Jul 19, 2020 at 4:06
  • You’re welcome; please consider accepting the answer if it meets your needs!
    – jcalz
    Jul 19, 2020 at 11:37

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