I'm facing a problem. I'm connected to internet via LAN cable, and use a VPN to access our servers. Problem is that I can't share my main internet connection (not VPN) with wifi hotspot.

When try this, mobile stucks in obtaining IP address from hotspot. as I checked, hotspot connection in "manage adapters" in control panel, it can not set IP and default gateway for itself, so DHCP doesn't work properly.

I tried manual setting IPs, and set / / in hotspot IPV4 config, but it didn't work.

As I can share my VPN or main connection with assistance of a third party app, so I think it should be possible to share it without that, too. (It is Free version and disconnects after 10-15 minutes)

When I disconnect from VPN everything works fine, and I don't use WIFI for connecting to other networks.

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