I have 2 strings.xml files in their values-en and values-fr folders. When I change language from Android settings, app is correctly localized.

However, is there a way to change app language programmatically ? The following code (as suggested by recents stackoverflow posts on that subject) does not have any effect on localization :

var locale = new Java.Util.Locale("fr");
Java.Util.Locale.Default = locale;
var context = Application.Context;
context.Resources.Configuration.Locale = locale;

Indeed, a string after this code with GetString(Resource.String.stringName) will remain in english.

target version : Android 8.1 (API 27 - Oreo)

AppCompat Activity using Android.Support.V7.App (only to use a FAB in Android.Support.Design.Widget)

Thanks for your help !

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createConfigurationContext(configuration) is not enough, We need need to get the context that this method returns and then to set this context in the attachBaseContext method.

    protected override void AttachBaseContext(Context @base)

    private Context updateBaseContextLocale(Context context)
        var locale = new Java.Util.Locale("sp");
        Java.Util.Locale.Default = locale;

        if (Build.VERSION.SdkInt >= Android.OS.BuildVersionCodes.N)
            Configuration configuration = context.Resources.Configuration;

            return context.CreateConfigurationContext(configuration);
            Resources resources = context.Resources;
            Configuration configuration = resources.Configuration;
     #pragma warning disable CS0618 // Type or member is obsolete
            configuration.Locale = locale;
            resources.UpdateConfiguration(configuration, resources.DisplayMetrics);
     #pragma warning restore CS0618 // Type or member is obsolete

            return context;

Get string in OnCreate method

   string title = GetString(Resource.String.TxtWelcome);

Refer to


  • I used this code in the OnCreate method, the only modification being var locale = new Java.Util.Locale("en");but the language remains in french. Moreother, it seems that Resources.UpdateConfiguration is deprecated. Hence I tried to use CreateConfigurationContext that should replace it.
    – Elaws
    Commented Jul 21, 2020 at 18:50
  • It works, thanks a lot ! I was unable to find proper documentation on that subject.
    – Elaws
    Commented Jul 23, 2020 at 19:57

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