Update: Since I see this is one of my most looked at questions, now a few years later I should point out what I found to be the most common cause of this problem: bad syntax elsewhere in your code. 100% of the time I've had this happen, it was because I'd forgotten a curly brace for another block of code, or I had a dangling if, or an earlier line of code I didn't finish. Check for IDE errors first for something like ") or } expected"

Original Question:

I feel like this is an all time dumb question to ask, but I have no idea how to fix this and google is turning up nothing.

In visual studio, when I type:

try {


VS would automatically reformat it to



But now it's just leaving it at the first one. I assume I accidentally hit a hotkey or something. Help me fix this please?

  • Since my answer is about VB.NET express and I'm not sure it's the solution I'm gonna say it as a comment: Go to: Tools -> Options -> mark "show all settings" -> Text Editor -> Basic -> Try playing with the Indenting options – Omer Jun 9 '11 at 22:52


Click Text Editor -> Whatever language -> Formatting


Tools->Options->Text Editor->C# (or whatever language)->Formatting->New Lines

Select the options you want.

If you have Power Commands installed you can then go to the Tools->Options->Power Commands and make sure "Format Document on Save" is selected.

Whenever you save the edited file the Curly Braces will be auto aligned.


In addition to the default Visual Studio settings mentioned, for ReSharper users, this is configured via:

ReSharper [menu] -> Options

In the Options dialog, navigate to Environment -> Editor -> Editor Behavior -> "Auto-format on closing brace". See image:

enter image description here


9 times out of 10 this problem is caused by bad code elsewhere on my document. Either I'm missing a ; on a line, or perhaps a closing }. Visual Studio is unable to figure out what I'm trying to write in code and thus it's unable to format. Check for compiler errors, fix them, and then press Ctrl+K then Ctrl + D to make Visual Studio reformat the current document (your hotkeys may vary, depending on the version of Visual Studio and your settings).

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