In Azure DevOps, consider the following sequence of events

  1. PR is created by developer, not marked as auto-complete
  2. PR is reviewed and approved by the reviewer (requrired policy is atleast 1 reviewer)
  3. Additional changes are made by the developer, PR gets updated automatically
  4. PR is completed and includes the changes made in (3) above, which are not reviewed by anyone

How do we ensure that any additional changes done to an already approved PR needs to be re-approved?


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There is an option on the Pull Request policy that supports this. Check the documentation.

enter image description here

  • If Requestors can approve their own changes isn't selected, the creator of the pull request can still vote Approve on their pull request, but their vote won't count toward the Minimum number of reviewers.
  • If any reviewer rejects the changes, the pull request can't finish unless you select Allow completion even if some reviewers vote to wait or reject.
  • You can reset code reviewer votes when new changes are pushed to the source branch. Select Reset code reviewer votes when there are new changes.

You need to mark this checkbox:

enter image description here

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