I am new to Vim and I have installed the Vim Extension in Vscode. I know that we can customize the default Vim Editor by modifying the vimrc file.

I want to change some keybindings in the VsCode Vim extension. How to do it/Where will I find the vimrc of Vscode Vim?

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    I dont know why I am getting downvoted . I am new to Stack Overflow. If there is something wrong with my question, please comment it here. – user13786942 Jul 21 '20 at 15:26

Make sure you have a /.vimrc or /_vimrc file in $HOME directory and follow the follow the following steps :

  1. Open VScode and go to settings.
  2. Type vimrc
  3. Enable Use Keymappings from a .vimrc file


  1. Modify the vimrc file according to your needs.
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    In my vimrc, how can I tell if I am in VSCode or not? Something like has('nvim') for VSCode – Max Coplan Nov 9 '20 at 22:48

You may achieve the same result by inserting
"vim.vimrc.enable": true into your vscode setting.json.

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