I have a df as follows:

name  date  

x     2020-07-20
y     2020-02-13
z     2020-01-21

I need a new column with the corresponding quarter as an integer, e.g.

name   date         quarter

x      2020-07-20   3
y      2020-02-13   1 
z      2020-01-21   1

I have defined my quarters as a list of strings so I thought I could use .withColumn + when col('date') in quarter range but get an error saying I cannot convert column to boolean.

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You can use quarter function to extract it as an integer.

from pyspark.sql.functions import *

df1=spark.createDataFrame([("x","2020-07-20"),("y","2020-02-13"),("z","2020-01-21")], ["name", "date"])
|name|      date|
|   x|2020-07-20|
|   y|2020-02-13|
|   z|2020-01-21|

df1.withColumn("quarter", quarter(col("date"))).show()

|name|      date|quarter|
|   x|2020-07-20|      3|
|   y|2020-02-13|      1|
|   z|2020-01-21|      1|

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