I have cloned this repo (https://github.com/docusign/code-examples-node) and believe I have entered all required keys and codes. But, when I try to authenticate with JWT I get this error:

    at Sign.sign (internal/crypto/sig.js:105:29)
    at Object.sign (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\node_modules\jwa\index.js:152:45)
    at Object.jwsSign [as sign] (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\node_modules\jws\lib\sign-stream.js:32:24)
    at Object.module.exports [as sign] (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\node_modules\docusign-esign\node_modules\jsonwebtoken\sign.js:189:16)
    at generateAndSignJWTAssertion (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\node_modules\docusign-esign\src\ApiClient.js:62:16)
    at exports.requestJWTUserToken (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\node_modules\docusign-esign\src\ApiClient.js:890:19)
    at _DsJwtAuth._getToken [as getToken] (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\lib\DSJwtAuth.js:85:33)
    at log (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\lib\DSJwtAuth.js:174:33)
    at _DsJwtAuth.DsJwtAuth.login (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\lib\DSJwtAuth.js:184:5)
    at commonControllers.login (C:\Users\BrownJ3\Documents\repos\code-examples-node\lib\commonControllers.js:36:16) {
  library: 'PEM routines',
  function: 'get_name',
  reason: 'no start line',

What this typically means is that the PEM file is missing the indicator that the key portion has begun.

PEM files are structured like this:

Intitial Data to be processed

-----Begin <Type>-----

Key Information

-----End <Type>-----

The standard for these files can be found here: https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7468

Can you confirm if the -----Begin / End lines are present are present in the PEM file you're using? Please don't post the actual file here, if they are present in the PEM we're going to want to have you open a support case with DocuSign so we keep any necessary private data for troubleshooting private.

  • Now I use the PEM file instead of the CRT and it works ...
    – testing
    Feb 22 '21 at 11:02
  • 4
    I have the startline but still gets the error. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- Sep 10 '21 at 11:14

You can validate your certificate here: https://www.sslchecker.com/certdecoder.

In my case I pasted wrongly that missed one dash:


Please note the first 5 dash is critical.


If using docker, I have some observations.

  1. Try to make .env values plain text. Not string literal.
  2. When getting the item to code, replace '\\n' with '\n'

if you just using it as sandbox project you can use: (without private key)

var jwt = require('jsonwebtoken');
var token = jwt.sign({ foo: 'bar' }, 'shhhhh');

if not as sandbox, you have to generate a privteKey.

you can see it on jsonwebtoken docs: https://www.npmjs.com/package/jsonwebtoken

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