i need to set my eclipse for ext js. I downloaded ext js 3 and installed spket plugin and did all the steps(setting javascript profiles) from this website. http://ria.arunkumarm.com/2010/09/setting-up-eclipse-ide-for-extjs-jquery.html

But still dont see code complete.

Also i want to be able to run a very basic example on eclipse. Any one know of any websites /tutorials that helps development in eclipse.I am looking for something like that explains everything from start.


Simply use Eclipse menu ... help->"Install New Software". You paste in the update site http://www.agpad.com/update/ then select Spket IDE when it appears and and follow the steps.

Thanks to http://forums.spket.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3667.


I followed this guide, and it works for both Ext 3.x and 4.x :


Hope this helps,


When the JSB approach does not work, go for “Add Folder” approach:

1. Select “EXT JS” profile -> click “Add Folder” button -> browse to the ExtJS SDK folder which you downloaded, click “Open” .
2. The profile will show all the JS files of Ext SDK, by default.
3. Make default JS profile, then associate default JS Editor

You can get start from here.

  • Link is a waste. Asbolutely no help whatsoever. – HDave Feb 16 '12 at 22:21

Instructions are here:


NOTE: When you add the update site, you must install all the items (Spket, Xerces, and Spket text editor) or else it won't work. Other than this small issue their instructions worked fine.

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