I want to replace a file in an existing jar/zip file while doing a Maven build. What is the easiest way to achieve this?


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My favorite for this sort of tasks is maven-antrun-plugin which brings you complete ant functionality.

You can use it like this:

            <!-- note that here we reference previously declared dependency -->
            <unzip src="${org.apache:common-util:jar}" dest="${project.build.directory}/tmp"/>
            <!-- now do what you need to any of unpacked files under target/tmp/ -->
            <zip basedir="${project.build.directory}/tmp" destfile="${project.build.directory}/common-util-modified.jar"/>
            <!-- now the modified jar is available  -->

But remember - never modify any files in your local repository - in this example pointed to by ${org.apache:common-util:jar}. Doing so would affect your further builds of all your projects on the same computer (= against the same local repo).

Such builds are also irreproducible (or hard to reproduce) on other machines.


I don't think there is a dedicated plugin to do this but I would imagine you can use the exec plugin and information from Updating .class file in jar to accomplish this.

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