After installed angular-autofocus-fix

imported the AutofocusModule

When i run the angular projects its shows below error:

ERROR in node_modules/angular-autofocus-fix/index.d.ts:4:23 - error TS2314: Generic type 'ModuleWithProviders<T>' requires 1 type argument(s).
static forRoot(): ModuleWithProviders

When i check in that node_mudule

I am using angular 10 in my project.


By adding this below given code snippet in app.module.ts fixed the issue

declare module "@angular/core" {
  interface ModuleWithProviders<T = any> {
    ngModule: Type<T>;
    providers?: Provider[];

In my case, this problem happened when I upgraded ng-bootstrap version in angular-10.


it seems it is not updated for Angular 10, ModuleWithProviders can no longer be used witthout generic (https://angular.io/guide/updating-to-version-10#new-removals-of-deprecated-apis)

there is an issue on the repo about it: https://github.com/korniychuk/angular-autofocus-fix/issues/14


Please try Observable to fix this issue.

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