I have Eclipse Helios with a java program set up. I'm attempting to create two environment variables


I then run my program with


Eclipse doesn't even call the java compiler. It throws up a pop up window with the error that environment variable ReportingManagerHome is not defined. I understand that since the java compiler has yet to be called, technically Eclipse is correct.

Now how do I work around this so that I can define cascading environment variables in Eclipse?


It won't recursively expand environment variables from the launch config.

Even using ${env:VAR} takes it from the environment variables from your eclipse process, not from your current launch config.

The most reliable way to do it is to go to Preferences>Run/Debug>String Substitution and define an eclipse variable there.

Then define the environment variables in your launch config:

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    ${env:VAR} should be ${env_var:VAR}, at least in Eclipse Mars. – mrtumnus Jul 13 '16 at 15:09

In Eclipse Mars and later you can use


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