I upgraded to typescript 4-beta and my reducers where my state is typed with Record<string, string> are showing my that when I create new property with value in them, then the value can be undefined. I dont know if I really understand what is going on or is this some sort of bug. On version 3.9 it this kind of error did not show up.

Type '{ [x: string]: string | undefined; }' is not assignable to type 'Record<string, string>'. Index signatures are incompatible. Type 'string | undefined' is not assignable to type 'string'. Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'string'.

Here is TS playground with example.

type State = Record<string, string>

const initialState = {};

const reducer = (state: State = initialState, action: {type: string; payload: {key: string, value: string}}):State => {
    switch(action.type) {
        case "foo":
            return {
                [action.payload.key]: action.payload.value
            return state;

playground link

Many thanks maybe I am just dumb and I am doing somthing wrong.

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This is a known issue (microsoft/TypeScript#39494) and is already fixed in the current nightly builds of TypeScript 4.0 (see playground link). So when TS 4.0 is officially released this is probably not going to be an issue. Hope that helps; good luck!

  • Thank you. I could not find this issue.
    – palci12
    Jul 27, 2020 at 14:27

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