On Embarcadero C++ Builder 10.3.1 and Boost 1.68 Date_Time library.

I have this test code

  auto loctime_1 = boost::posix_time::microsec_clock::local_time();
  auto loctime_2 = boost::posix_time::second_clock::local_time();
  auto seconds1 = loctime_1.time_of_day().total_seconds();
  auto seconds2 = loctime_2.time_of_day().total_seconds();

Assuming that the code is run withing the same second, you would expect always seconds1 to be equal to seconds2.

On Windows 10 Pro when Time-zone is manually set to Auckland,Wellington (UTC+12). The code works as expected if the time setting "Adjust for Daylight saving time automatically" is set to OFF, but when it is set to ON, it differs by 1 hour. second_clock provides the right time but microsec_clock is off by 1 hour.

I haven't see anything in the documentation that explains such behavior.

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