I set up a basic JHipster project and generated an entity that supports filtering with JDL. The generator made a Swagger API which I use for querying the database. The Swagger API doc shows me a list of parameters which can be used to build query. The template query looks like this: GET /api/client?name.equals=john&surname.equals=doe&country.in=uk&country.in=de

The request works fine but the parameters are chained like name==john OR surname==doe OR country==uk OR country==de so I get all johns, does, and everoyne from uk and de. This is ok, but for some queries i need name==john AND surname==doe so not all Johns and Does but specifically John Doe. I searched here and on the swagger forum but couldn't find the answer.

My question is: how do I achieve changing the OR to AND in the query? Does this swagger query support AND or do I have to make changes in the backend?


Your question is not about swagger, this is why you could not find anything in swagger forum.

It's about JHipster JPA entity filtering and the answer is no: you can't generate code that would use a OR.

You must code it yourself, look at the *QueryService classes and assemble your criteria with the logic you need.

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